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Interdependencies in the conversion from natural gas to hydrogen

Similar to the L-/H-gas conversion, the conversion of network areas from natural gas to hydrogen involves interdependence between the parties involved.

Efficient conversion of an area along a transmission system operator’s line in terms of network expansion can only be ensured if all connected customers (distribution system operators or industrial customers connected to the transmission system) can convert to hydrogen in the same period of time. This is the only way to avoid economically inefficient, parallel hydrogen or methane pipelines, which may only be needed temporarily until all consumers along a pipeline have been completely converted.

In the regular process, the resolution of the above dependency takes place through the formation of cross-network operator, area-related working groups (also within the framework of the respective GTP creation) as well as through the conclusion of multilateral changeover schedules in which all mutual dependencies between the participants are assessed. This procedure has already proven useful for the L/H gas conversion and has thus been tested in practice.

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