KANU 2.0

Statement of the FNB Gas on the key points of the depreciation modalities for the gas network transformation

The transmission system operators welcome the fact that the BNetzA is now taking into account the associated challenges for the useful life of the network infrastructure with the KANU 2.0 specification against the background of the climate policy objectives and the resulting transformation of the gas networks. In particular, the flexibility with regard to depreciation modalities envisaged in the definition to ensure full refinancing of gas grid investments in the future is an important building block for the successful transformation of gas grids.

The core objective of this regulation must be to ensure the complete refinancing of gas grid investments and to allow sufficient flexibility to allow the imputed useful lives to end before 2045. The very different regional conditions in which the transformation of the gas grids is taking place make this flexibility necessary when determining the useful lives.

It should be noted that the key points presented here for consultation are apparently based on the assumption that useful lives can only be shortened if this ensures full amortization until 2045.

We also refer to our statement on the consultation of the “NEST” key issues paper of 29.02.2024.

Our complete statement is available in the downloads.


Statement KANU 2.0
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