Storage levy

Statement of the FNB Gas on the storage levy

The so-called Gas Storage Act (Act on the Introduction of Level Requirements for Gas Storage Facilities), which came into force on April 30, 2022, provides for minimum levels for German gas storage facilities based on reporting dates. In the future, unused storage capacities must be made available by the operator of the gas storage facility to the market area manager Trading Hub Europe (THE) if storage customers do not use them in accordance with the fill level specifications. In this context, extensive obligations were imposed on THE to take measures to ensure sufficient filling of the gas storage facilities. To cover the costs associated with the new obligations, the Act introduced a new storage levy. The levy is to be settled by THE vis-à-vis the balancing group manager and will be levied for the first time on 01.10.2022. THE had submitted a concept with a proposed methodology for structuring the storage levy to the Federal Network Agency for approval on May 30, 2022. The TSOs commented on this methodology as part of the BNetzA’s consultation process.


FNB Gas Statement on the Storage Levy
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