Implementation of the 65 percent target

FNB Gas statement on the German government’s concept for implementing the 65 percent target for renewable energies in the installation of new heating systems as of 2024

FNB Gas welcomes early stakeholder engagement to design the implementation of the 65 percent renewable energy target for the installation of new heating systems beginning in 2024. Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, but also with a view to security of supply and ambitious climate protection targets, there is no time to lose now in driving forward the heat transition.

The grid-based supply of green and climate-neutral gases such as hydrogen and biomethane is an important building block for achieving the medium- and long-term climate targets in the heating market in a socially responsible manner. To this end, a broad technology mix is essential to successfully exploit the potential of green gases and hydrogen to achieve the 65 percent target.

In their statement , the transmission system operators have summarized the decisive aspects that are necessary for this:

  • Not committing to specific technology options, so that the most efficient GHG abatement technology can be selected for local conditions and to allow efficient use of the potential of existing infrastructure;
  • Equal consideration of all pipeline-based climate protection technologies and equal treatment of all climate-neutral energy sources in gas and heating networks. Compliance options should be evaluated purely in terms of their contribution to achieving climate targets

The TSOs are therefore clearly in favor of the “design option A” proposed by the ministries in their concept paper, in which all compliance options are on one level, and which thus represents a technology-open concept for implementing the 65 percent renewable energy target for the installation of new heating systems from 2024.

The results of the consultation should be legally anchored in the announced amendment to the Building Energy Act (GEG). The transmission system operators will again participate in the consultation on a corresponding draft bill.


FNB Gas Opinion 65 % RE for new heating systems
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