FNB Gas statement on the draft law to accelerate the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG Act)

The transmission system operators expressly welcome the efforts of the legislator to enable the integration of liquefied natural gas (LNG) into the existing gas supply network in Germany as quickly as possible.

Accelerating the procedures for constructing and commissioning the LNG terminals will be crucial to ensuring that LNG can make a key contribution to reducing dependency on Russian natural gas in the near future and thus secure gas supplies in Germany.

TSOs point out that not only the construction of the LNG terminals and the direct connection pipeline may fall within the scope of the law. Rather, to enable effective integration into the existing gas supply network, pipelines, associated facilities, compressor station expansions, and gas pressure regulating and metering stations (GDRMs) that directly serve to transport the injected LNG volumes in the German gas supply network must also be included in the scope of the law. Otherwise, LNG volumes cannot be made available throughout Germany and the accelerated expansion will not achieve its goal of ensuring security of supply.


FNB Gas Statement LNG Act
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