3d render: Abstract hydrogen molecules H2 forming the letters "H2" in front of green background. Green Energy, Green hydrogen.

Joint webinar

Development of the hydrogen infrastructure in Germany at the transmission and distribution network level

On October 25, 2022, a joint webinar was held by FNB Gas with DVGW, VKU, and the “H2vorOrt” initiative. More than 350 interested representatives from politics and authorities, the energy sector as well as business and industry took part in the virtual event. The great response shows that hydrogen is not only essential for the survival of industry, but that interest and demand also exist on a large scale in many other sectors.

After the welcome by our CEO Dr. Thomas Gößmann and DVGW President Michael Riechel, Christoph Diehn, Policy and Hydrogen Officer at terranets bw, and Florian Feller Chairman of H2vorOrt, explained how a coherent target picture for climate-neutral gas infrastructure can be developed through close coordination at the different network levels.

The network operators are in the starting blocks. The task of policymakers now is to break down logjams and translate the proposals into a consistent regulatory framework. The webinar ends with a joint appeal to politicians: “The industry is ready. Now we need political action”.

“The hydrogen ramp-up can only succeed if we – politics, business and society – act together. Let’s get started now!”
Dr. Thomas Gößmann, Chairman of the Board of FNB Gas


Hydrogen Report and GTP Webinar 10/25/2022
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