25.11.2021 - Gas Network Development Plan 2022-2032

Large hydrogen demand confirmed by MoU

By 1 October, the promoters of more than 250 projects with a total demand of 165 TWh had concluded memoranda of understanding (MoU) with the corresponding transmission system operators (TSOs).

“We are impressed by the high response rate. This shows that the demand for transport until 2032 is real and that we need to start building the hydrogen infrastructure in Germany as soon as possible so that the transport infrastructure is also available in time,” says FNB Gas Chairman of the board, Dr. Thomas Gößmann.

For the Gas Network Development Plan 2022-2032, the transmission system operators carried out the Hydrogen Generation and Demand (WEB) market survey in spring 2021. The reports on the WEB show the concrete capacity requirements for the transport of hydrogen in the market up to the year 2032.

“Now that a large number of project sponsors have concretely demonstrated an intention to implement, we can specify the necessary conversions of natural gas pipelines to hydrogen, the need for new construction of hydrogen pipelines as well as necessary reinforcement measures in the natural gas network,” said Inga Posch, FNB Gas Managing Director. The signing of a MoU is foreseen as a prerequisite for projects to be considered as input in the 2022-2032 Gas Network Development Plan. The MoUs contain, among other things, information on the specific capacity requirements and the planned commissioning.

On the basis of the MoU concluded, the transmission system operators have revised Annex 2 published as part of the scenario framework.


Presseinformation NEP 2022-2032_MoU
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Projektmeldungen WEB_MoU (Anlage 2)
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