Implementation Report 2017

31.03.2017 | Confirmation

Fernleitungsnetzbetreiber veröffentlichen Umsetzungsbericht 2017 und Bericht zur Ermittlung des langfristigen Kapazitätsbedarfs

The Implementation Report 2017 provides a detailed overview of which of the confirmed measures of the Network Development Plan Gas 2015 have already been implemented, are currently in progress or have yet to be implemented. In addition, it also provides information on the status of the adjusted and additional measures of the current network expansion proposal, which the TSOs published in the 2nd consultation document on the Gas Network Development Plan 2016-2026 at the end of February 2017.

Due to its great importance for the energy industry, the implementation report is dedicated in detail to the current L-H gas conversion planning. “The success of the market area conversion within the framework of a smooth running of the entire process is one of the essential prerequisites for national security of supply,” said Ralph Bahke, FNB Gas Board Chairman. “With the publication of the updated, bindingly announced changeover areas on the FNB Gas website, every market participant can inform themselves about the current status of the planning,” explains Inga Posch, FNB Gas Managing Director. With the amendment to the Energy Industry Act in 2016, the FNBs prepare the implementation report in every odd year, for the first time on 1 April 2017. Accordingly, the FNB Gas network development plan will be prepared in every even year in future.

Umsetzungsbericht 2017
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