Gas and hydrogen network development planning coordination office

The Federal Government’s draft of a third law to amend the EnWG provides for the following with regard to future grid development planning in Section 15a:

Every two years, for the first time in 2025, the transmission system operators (TSOs) and the regulated operators of hydrogen transport networks must draw up a national network development plan for the transmission and hydrogen transport network (Gas and Hydrogen Network Development Plan).

The transmission system operators and the regulated hydrogen transmission system operators shall jointly establish a coordination body by the end of May 31, 2024 at the latest, which shall perform the following tasks in particular:

  • Coordination of the development of the scenario framework in accordance with § 15b paragraph 1,
  • Submission of the draft scenario framework in accordance with Section 15b (4) sentence 1 for approval by the regulatory authority,
  • Coordination of the preparation of the gas and hydrogen network development plan pursuant to Section 15c (1)
  • Submission of the draft network development plan for gas and hydrogen pursuant to Section 15c (5) sentence 1 for confirmation by the regulatory authority and 5. submission of the coordinated implementation report pursuant to Section 15e sentence 1.

The coordination office at the FNB Gas and its website are currently under construction. Until the coordination office is launched, you will continue to find all relevant information on the grid development planning process on this website.

The TSOs have already begun work on the scenario framework for the first integrated Gas and Hydrogen Network Development Plan 2025, as the scenario framework must be submitted to the Federal Network Agency by June 30, 2024. In preparation for the creation of the scenario framework, the transmission system operators will conduct a market survey together with the transmission system operators for electricity from February 7, 2024 to March 22, 2024. The survey aims to collect information on future hydrogen production (including power-to-gas plants), storage and use as well as electricity consumption by large-scale consumers (including large-scale battery storage) of individual market participants and distribution system operators (DSOs).

Market participants are called upon to report their requirements on the joint query platform by March 22, 2024:

Further information on the new processes within the framework of integrated network development planning for gas and hydrogen can be found in the current draft bill, which is currently being discussed in the Bundestag.


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