About FNB Gas

FNB Gas is the association of supra-regional gas transmission companies in Germany

We coordinate the professional exchange and inform politics and the public.


Network Development Plans

We plan the network infrastructure for a secure gas supply

TSOs shall submit an integrated plan for network development every two years. It describes the path to a secure, environmentally compatible, and economical supply of natural gas in the future.

Hydrogen Network

Today’s natural gas customer is tomorrow’s hydrogen customer

Hydrogen is central to making our energy system fit for the future. Without it, decarbonisation of the industry, transport, and buildings sectors is inconceivable.

Security of Supply

We bring natural gas to where it is needed

Together with natural gas supply companies, traders, and storage operators, the TSOs ensure a secure and reliable gas supply for industry, commerce, and households.

Energy Future

We work for the success of the energy transition

Hydrogen, renewable, and decarbonised gas play a central role in the climate-neutral energy system of the future. This is what the TSOs are preparing their infrastructure for.

Good to know

We use natural gas in many areas of daily life. Take a look at the gas market and its actors.

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